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Planning for ReloCube Parking

The?U-Pack?ReloCube?makes moving easy — especially in areas where parking?is limited. Because it fits into a standard parking space, the Cube is perfect for loading and unloading at most residential addresses, storage units, apartment complexes and college campuses. But before we deliver the containers, there are a few parking details you’ll need to confirm.

Parking Requirements for?U-Pack?Moving Containers

Here’s what you’ll need to park a ReloCube:

  • A standard parking space for each Cube (6’ x 7’ x 8’)
  • 40 feet of space during drop-off and pickup (for the trailer to maneuver)
  • 14 feet of overhead clearance free of low-hanging tree limbs and electrical wires
  • A paved, level location (containers cannot be parked on soft ground or grass)
  • Permission for overnight parking (containers may be parked for up to three business days)

Along with the parking space requirements, it’s important to know that we require someone 18 years or older to be present at drop-off to sign for the equipment and show our driver where to place the Cubes. No one needs to be present at pickup; just make sure the Cube is accessible. For pickup at your destination after unloading, check that the Cubes are empty, and remove any locks.

Have additional questions about your situation? Or wondering if you need a parking permit? Learn more about?parking moving equipment.

How to Park a ReloCube