The Solution for Small Moves

If you’re moving to another state, but not taking much, you need an option that provides the right size equipment at an affordable price. U-Pack??has the experience and options you need for small move situations like:

  • Moving things out of a storage unit

No matter how much you’re moving or why, U-Pack can handle it.?Just load your belongings in the equipment that’s right for you, and we’ll handle the driving.?Learn more about how our service works.

U-Pack Compared to Other Small Moving Companies

If you’re not moving much, you probably don’t want to pay much — and you shouldn't have to. Here’s how moving companies shipping small loads typically calculate your cost:

  • How much the shipment weighs.?Some companies charge based on the weight of the shipment, but have minimum weight requirements. ?
  • How many containers you use.?Others charge based on the entire container, which can mean overpaying for unused space.
  • How much space you use.?Some charge based on space, but they co-mingle your belongings with other customers’ household goods to help offset costs.

U-Pack does it differently. Rates are based on the space you use, down to a minimum of 5 linear feet or one ReloCube (each holds approximately a room’s worth of furniture and boxes). You only pay for the space you use. If you need more room, it’s available — just add another ReloCube or pay by the linear foot in a trailer.

We also don’t combine household shipments. You can load into your own ReloCube, or load into a trailer and install a secure divider wall when you’re finished. We’ll fill empty space with commercial freight headed in the same direction. And we won’t transfer your shipment in transit.?

Let U-Pack Handle Your Small Move?

U-Pack makes it easy and affordable to complete a small cross country move. Get a?free quote online?or call?877-453-7274?to speak with one of our expert?consultants about your options.